This just in from the school director, Fanuel …

Our form 4 graduating high school seniors, started their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education/national school leaving exam), on Thursday 21st, so far everything is running smoothly. We are all praying that they perform well. This morning we received the science (physics , chemistry and Biology) practicals confidentials (list of items each child need in the physics, chemistry and Biology practicals)

Unlike the other two years that we have taken part in KCSE exams this year the lists are almost tripled, especially the chemistry part. We have always been setting a side ksh 75,000 for the purpose of purchasing the items on the practicals (lab) list. This year we have been shocked with how much we need to do the purchases, we need ksh 250,000 about $3335. This has left us wondering what to do.

Physics practicals will be done on Friday next week, Biology and Chemistry practicals will be done the following week. It is because of this that we have been forced to seek assistance in raising funds to help us purchase all the items. In total we need about ksh.175,000 / $2335. Confidential lists for practicals usually remain secret and released only when the KCSE exams are underway.

If we are not able to raise the funds, means we shall not be able to purchase the needed items. Without the items our candidates will not be able to sit for paper three in biology, physics and chemistry. The three subjects have paper one, two and three .The candidates have to sit for all the three papers so that their scores can be graded ie A, B— etc as per the marks they scored.

Last year we came together and raised the money so these students can sit for the exams, now they are in danger of not being able to sit for those exams. If anyone can help in this urgent need please email or donate today.

Thank you so much!