Over the past few months a lot has been going on with the projects that KKIN works with.

We have very sad news to share….the director at Lynsi Love Secondary School and Orphanage, Bishop Peter has passed away.  Peter was a blessed man, he was follower of Christ and preacher of his love.  Peter will be missed by all who had the privilege of meeting him.  May you rest in peace Peter.

January 2016 marks a new school year.  Students each move up a grade and new Form One students are interviewed and accepted.  Currently this month KKIN is sponsoring 14 orphaned girls at Lynsi Love and 3 orphaned boys off site.  We will update with pictures of each of the students in the next month or two.
Since Peter’s death, Lynsi Love Committee member have meet and discussed the updated set up for the school.
Peter Thuo – Director of HHN  –  Appointed to be mentor adviser
Ben Maruti – School Principal – Contact person for both local and international volunteers
Mary Rono – Wife of Late Peter – Appointed as one of the schools account signatory

 Other News Includes!!

KKIN will also continue to sponsor Audrey (boarding school) and will have the privilege to sponsor three more Primary School children.  We look forward to sharing their growth spiritually and educationally with you!  Please keep all these children in your prayers.