Lynsi Love Secondary School

Lynsi Love Secondary School has established itself as a wonderfully safe place for students to learn.  Students that had previously not attended secondary school have come to Lynsi Love after hearing about its programs from current students.  Students are encouraged to complete the four-year program and receive the support they need to do so.   Lynsi Love Secondary School was established by a small number of volunteers to meet the needs of the increasing number of high school students in the Kayole Patanisho informal settlement of Nairobi, Kenya.
Over the last several years KKIN has provided many text books, notebooks, laptops, a microscope and other laboratory equipment, soccer t-shirts, running water, National Exam testing materials and fees for students to take the Nation Exam.  We have provided funding for major repairs to the school and dorm rooms. We assist in covering the cost of regular maintenance.  We provide funding for Christmas Eve, Christmas, Day and New Year’s meals for the students to celebrate their successes.  We strive to assist all students in reaching their personal goals of attending college and or finding work to support themselves.
We continue to raise funds to provide necessary educational and well-being tools for the children who live in the Nairobi Slums.  Lack of funds is the number one reason that children in the Nairobi slums do not go to school.  The founders of Kenya’s Kids in Need and guest visited Nairobi again just last month (Feb 2020) and saw firsthand that with an education, these children will have a chance to break the cycle of poverty!