Lynsi Love Community Center

Lynsi Love Community Center has established itself as a wonderfully safe place for students to learn.  Students that had previously not attended secondary school have come to Lynsi Love after hearing about its programs from current students.  Students are encouraged to complete the four-year program and receive the support they need to do so.  The director and teachers are extremely dedicated and love what they do.  The school is bursting at the seams with students who want to better themselves with education and with Kenya’s Kids in Need, they can!


Kenya’s Kids in Need is striving to break the cycle of poverty through the power of education. The Lynsi Love Community Center was established by a small number of volunteers to meet the needs of the increasing number of high school students in the Kayole Patanisho informal settlement of Nairobi, Kenya. In 2017, there were 110 high school students that attend the Lynsi Love Community Center.  Students (whose parents are able) pay a small fee ($5.00 to $10.00 USD monthly) to attend classes. The director attempts to raise funds from individual supporters.  The small staff attempts to serve as many students as possible with very limited funding and extremely dedicated teachers.


Kenya’s Kids in Need is currently (2018) working with the Directors of the school to establish Lynsi Love Community Center as a National Test Center. Part of the registration process involves several government organizations inspecting the facility to ensure the school has met the required standards to be a registered test center. This is a long process, that will take time and an incredible amount of resources. Having Lynsi Love Community Center registered as a National Test Center will not only benefit the school (making them self-sustaining) but will also benefit the community at large.

Teachers Pay Support

Average Support is $80.00 USD a Month!

Help Update Materials…

Such as Desk, Books, Lab Equipment

Help BUILD Lynsi Love

Our Goal is to Build the School Up!