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Kenya’s Kids in Need was established in Florida in 2008 as a way for a small group of individuals to provide resources and support for children in Kenya. For personal reasons, in 2012, the director could no longer run the non-profit and the Board decided to transfer the programs to another agency. However, in hopes that they would one day support Kenya’s children again they did not dissolve the charity.

In 2014, two sisters, the current president and the director of outreach and development were looking for additional ways to support the children they were sponsoring through a world organization. Through social media, they corresponded with one of the original Kenya’s Kids in Need board members who informed them that they could take over the charity as one sister was a Florida resident. They were encouraged to visit Kenya’s informal settlements. In 2015, both sisters and their parents traveled to Kenya. They did not know it at the time, but their experience would be life-changing and inspiring.

During the trip, they traveled to the Lynsi Love Secondary School and Orphanage where they were greeted by beautiful smiling students and their dedicated teachers. They could not believe that 14 girls were living in an 8’x12’ room. Water from the rainy season had severely damaged the classroom area, the roof was caving in several places, six-eight students were sharing one text book, and there was no running water or bathrooms with water on the premises. They were shocked to learn that $250 would provide a water hookup and $25 monthly would keep it running. They personally paid for the water hookup and saw to it that it was running before they left. They knew then that they needed to do more! They knew that they were meant to help break the cycle of poverty for these students. Knowing that education is power, they wanted to encourage the students to complete their secondary schooling and successfully complete their National Exams.

Through countless emails, phone calls, and video chats relationships were established, methods were developed and a plan was set into motion. The proper documentation was filed with the State of Florida as well as the Attorney General’s Office in the State of Massachusetts to allow the director of outreach and development to establish a volunteer fundraising committee to run fundraising events in her home state. Within four months of returning from Kenya, a Board and annual fundraising night was established.