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Kenya Bans Plastic Bags…Students need backpacks

If you have ever been to Kenya you can truly understand the need to ban plastic bags.  There is plastic everywhere, in the streets, in the streams, in the trees. It is overwhelming due to the lack of trash removal/disposal.  Students at Lynsi Lov {...}

New Books Arrived

Some of the students at Lynsi Love Secondary School in Nairobi Kenya received new text books.  Our goal for the upcoming school year (2018) is to provide each student with a new school book for each subject.  P {...}

MassCityFC Donates Soccer Balls to Students in Kenya

Several local students and school were given donated soccer balls from MassCityFC.  Pictured above are students at the Lynsi Love Secondary School in Nairobi Kenya getting their donated balls!  Everyone was super happy.  Students at the Lynsi Love {...}