How To Help……..

One time or ongoing support is always needed Sponsor a primary or secondary school child for $12.50 a month Sponsor a secondary school child for $20 per month, including lunch. Sponsor a child at Holly House for $30 per month Donate books for the {...}

Holly House & Holly’s Heart……..

Is a safe haven and home for 125 children between the ages of 3 and 20, who currently attend school and have no other place to live. It was started in 2003, when 2 young girls were abandoned and abused by their guardians, and their only option was {...}

Waddington High School

Was started as a place for students graduating from the primary school to continue their education. The first class started in January 2005 had 55 students, each year another class has been added, the first class graduates November 2008! Students mu {...}

Galilee Primary School………

Serves approximately 1500 students from baby class to class 8. It was started in 1997 by Fanuel Okwaro, the current director of the school. Classes taught in English and Kiswahili, include reading, math, history, science and Christian Religious Educ {...}

Who We Are…………

Kenya’s Kids In Need, (KKIN) is a non-profit organization. We are a group of international sponsors who are making a difference for children living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. We have a sponsorship program and an online store where items can {...}

The Community………

Has a population of approximately 200,000 people, 41% of the residents are under the age of 14 years. The average household income is under $1 per day. The neighborhood has no reliable electricity or plumbing. Running water is limited to 2 days a w {...}

Girls Singing………

Hi Everyone….. I have finally learned to blog…… and decided we needed one that was easier to add things to then our web page 😉 As most of ya’ll know I had the opportunity to visit the school several years ago with Holly and {...}